VSN covers five MCR key aspects that you never thought about

In its new Webinar, VSN will conduct a session totally dedicated to Master Control Room (MCR) and its secrets. More specifically, Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, will unveil five advanced key features of this technology that normally go unnoticed for users, and will show how the applying of these key aspects can make a channel reach success. The Webinar will be held on June 15 and it is now possible to inscribe.

VSNMULTICOM will feature in the Webinar

VSNMULTICOM will feature in the Webinar

TV automation is one of the most critical and important parts of a channel, since an efficient and errorless broadcasting depends on it to reach audiences. The system must be secure and stable, and allow for a 24/7 service with zero interruptions. Conscious of that need, VSN has gained during its more than two decades in the business a great experience in this field, that has turned its VSNMULTICOM solution into one of the most prestigious in the market.

“We have a great know-how in MCR systems and in how to solve the industry needs, thanks to the attention we have paid to our users and everything that we have learned from their requirements. This way, we have noticed that there are some key features that sometimes go unnoticed due to the pressure of daily work or that get lost among the wide range of options that VSNMULTICOM offers. That is why we decided to conduct a Webinar to explore this features that do not receive as much attention as other”, declares Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager.

The Webinar will take place on June 15 and it will be conducted by Toni Vilalta, that will also show real case examples with VSN’s Master Control Room (MCR) solution, VSNMULTICOM. Those interested in attending the Webinar can register here.

VSNWEBINAR 5 key points you probably missed about MCR
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