VSN travels to São Paulo to participate in the FIAT/IFTA 2020 Seminar

After a very successful edition in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA) returns to Brazil with a conference on the digitization of audiovisual archives in Latin America on March, 19 and 20. The event will take place in the studios of TV Cultura in the city center of São Paulo, where experts in audiovisual preservation, archivists and technology providers will meet to discuss the current situation and future challenges of media preservation in the region.

City of São Paulo

Under the title “Audiovisual archives in Latin America: Access, value and preservation”, FIAT/IFTA returns to Brazil with a complete program of presentations, keynotes and success stories about audiovisual archives in the region and the most immediate effects that are being derived from the digital transformation of this area. Some of the main topics that are expected to be analyzed and discussed in detail are the urgent and necessary rescue of analogue archives that are moving towards obsolescence and deterioration, as well as the use of new technologies to improve content preservation, cataloging, access and ultimately, content recovery in the Latin American market.

During the seminar, VSN will offer the presentation “How digital solutions have transformed audiovisual archives in the last 10 years” on March, 19 at 4:15 p.m. Roberto Duif, Sales Director for the Americas region, will delve into some aspects like the new solutions that have appeared in the market to solve the most demanding archiving needs, how MAM systems have evolved to improve the efficiency of certain workflows in this area and what special contribution has been done on MAM technology from the archive side, among other topics.

“The audiovisual culture of Latin America is one of the richest in the world, where TV channels occupy an important place in society. The digitization of this visual heritage has undoubtedly an incalculable value and therefore, preserving local audiovisual collections has become a very important issue at different levels, both culturally and economically, ”says Roberto Duif.

“From VSN we offer software solutions designed to catalog, preserve and retrieve all this historical legacy in the most efficient and quickest way possible. The preservation of media has traditionally been, throughout the history of our company, one of the key aspects of focus for our research and development efforts. Hence, that is how today we can be sharing in such an event like a FIAT/IFTA seminar how the VSNExplorer solution and its latest developments in Artificial Intelligence integrations and semantic-based cataloging tools, can contribute to increasing the speed, efficiency and reliability of these systems to preserve the audiovisual historical legacy in perfect conditions”, says Duif.

Those people interested in contacting VSN professionals during the FIAT/IFTA seminar, can request a meeting or directly contact the professionals who will be attending through the following online form.

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