World Television Day: walking towards a multiplatform environment without boundaries

The 21st of November of 1996 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the World Television Day in recognition of the first World Television Forum hosted by this international organization. Today at VSN we join this celebration to highlight the crucial role of this media when informing, shaping and guiding public opinion generation after generation since its first broadcast took place more than 80 years ago.

VSN joins the celebration of the World Television Day proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996.
The power of decision that multiplatform TV and Second Screens give to the audience could be considered an unprecedented turning point in the evolution of TV.

Television, a cornerstone of democracy and a pillar of freedom of expression, was recognised by the United Nations General Assembly as a great impact media in the contemporary world in 1996. Indeed, the World Television day was proclaimed after the celebration of the First World Television Forum hosted by this international organisation during the 21st and 22nd of November of 1996. It was a very special event where media leading figures discussed how they might enhance their mutual cooperation and bring world attention to conflicts and threats, peace and security, and economic and social issues: concrete goals that give us an overall idea about the importance of this media in shaping people’s consciousness.

Since the first television device was launched in the market in the 50’s, it is undeniable that this media has experienced several outstanding technological revolutions, such as the introduction of color, flat screens, plasma screens, LCD, LED and even 3D or 4K more recently. However, its goal of broadcasting information, opinion and ideas, its main role in decision-making and promoting cultural diversity keeps being the same since then and has come to present stronger than ever before.

Currently, the ubiquity of stories and worlds out there yet to be explored that television offers to us everyday has reached unexpected limits. Thanks to multiplatform TV and Second Screens, the power of decision given to audience (especially to the youngest generations) could even be considered as an unprecedented turning point in the evolution of this media. The audience is nowadays capable of choosing what content they want to consume, in which format and through which platform anytime anywhere. This gives us an accurate idea about how well TV is constantly being adapted to new technologies. Its traditional physical appearance is getting more and more diluted because of the new screens and devices appearing for online content distribution. However, the information and content ubiquity is gaining more and more importance, and at VSN we are aware of that.

VSN keeps working hard to offer Broadcast and Media & Entertainment companies the best solutions available in the market for content broadcasting anytime anywhere, regardless of geographical boundaries and exclusively focusing on reaching out the correct audiences. We keep developing software solutions to make our contribution to this media, which is able of both shaping and broadcasting opinions. We are aware of its relevance in today’s contemporary and ever-changing world, even more within the Information and Entertainment society in which we currently live. Therefore, we are committed more than ever to continue our work for many more decades to come.

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