World Television Day 2018: different ways to consume content, same goals

November 21st, World Television Day, is a special date for all professionals in the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries. In 1996, the General Assembly of the UN proclaimed World Television Day as a commemoration of the First World Forum on this medium hosted by the international organization. Today from VSN we join this celebration to highlight the role and development of a communication tool that since its first broadcasting more than 80 years ago, has helped to inform, guide and channel public opinion generation after generation.

21st of November, VSN celebrates the World Television Day 2018

Since the arrival of the first television to the general market in the 50s, this medium has undoubtedly undergone several outstanding technological revolutions: the introduction of color, flat screens, plasma, LCD, LED and even 3D and more recently 4K. In fact, currently one of the most significant changes that new technologies have allowed is the entry into the market of new players who have contributed to the development of other ways of consuming television that complement the traditional way or linear television.

However, its use as a means of transmitting information, opinions and ideas, as a means of freedom of expression and cultural diversity that reaches all spectators, has remained valid throughout its history and has come with more strength that never until our days.

From VSN, aware of the outstanding development of television and its technology in the last years, we continue working harder to offer Broadcast, Media and Entertainment companies solutions that ease the broadcasting of their content wherever their audiences are, regardless of the geographical area or time in which this content should be consumed. We keep understanding the television as a creator of consciousness and increasingly, as a means of communicating opinions. Today, more than ever at VSN, we are aware of the social relevance and impact of television today and therefore, we not only want to celebrate this day in honor of the medium to which we dedicate our lives, but we also want to continue being innovative and fulfill our work for many more decades.