Imagen Televisión relies on VSN to expand its continuity solution in 80 stations

The Mexican television network has improved its continuity automation workflow with the installation of 31 VSNOne TV Channel-in-a-box systems, which guarantee the uninterrupted broadcast of the programming in 31 new regional stations throughout the country.

Imagen TV México

The Grupo Imagen media conglomerate has once again relied on VSN to expand its continuity automation solution and reach a total of 80 stations across the country. The project thus culminates its latest expansion with VSN’s technology to complete the broadcasting system of its two signals: HD image of general programming and Excélsior TV, a 24-hour news channel.

With the aim of launching the television network and going on air for the first time in 2016, Imagen Televisión required the launch of a complete End-to-End continuity automation workflow, perfectly integrated with all third-party equipment that the channel already counted on. VSN was the company selected to offer this solution and set up two VSNMulticom Master Control Room systems that guaranteed an uninterrupted and reliable emission 24 hours a day, thanks to its parallel redundancy configuration. Likewise, these systems also allow to segmentation of clips and distribution in a differentiated manner at a regional level to offer different programming in territorial disconnections for advertising and electoral reasons.

Along with these systems, the MAM module of the VSNExplorer platform for file location and recovery was implemented; the VSNExplorer BPM module for automating the entire workflow up until the content is sent to the video servers; the VSNCrea TV traffic and planning system to generate programming schedules, either for a single pattern or differentiated by regions; and finally, 42 VSNBroadrec systems for legal copy that allow the user to verify if the emission complies with what is established by Mexican law regarding the issue of advertising and electoral content.

Now, thanks to this new extension, 31 new VSNOne TVs are added to this whole workflow as playout systems that, together with the existing Harmonic Spectrum XE systems, will guarantee the televisions network broadcast from 80 stations in total. The programming of the regions and their corresponding territorial disconnections will, therefore, be broadcasted through the Harmonic VSNOne TV or Spectrum XE systems, depending on the system installed in each regional station.

Thanks to this latest extension, VSN has allowed the broadcast of Imagen Televisión and Excélsior TV to reach the entire Mexican territory through more than 80 stations, either as a single program or in a segmented way, with a total range of up to 70 million viewers. The configuration of this fully automated continuity system also contributes to reducing the chances of failure, as it does not depend on possible manual flows and external eventualities.

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