Mario Díaz, VSN’s Global Sales Director: “Every industry has to learn how to manage assets in an effective way”

Mario Diaz VSN Sales Director

Mario Diaz, VSN’s Global Sales Director, answers some questions on the industry

Video consumption in corporate environments has become a trend in the last few years, being now the most popular resource to interact with users and audiences in any sector. This trend is still growing and it is driven by the own clients, that expect their favourite brands to use video as a communication and interaction tool, since it is a popular, agile, modern and multimedia resource. That means that brands are now “forced” by their own clients to generate all kinds of audiovisual material to communicate messages, procedures, information about the products, etc.

VSN Innovation & Media Solutions has been developing more and more projects that are not directly related to the broadcast sector, but more on a corporate level, a niche in which the leading company in media management systems serves internationally renowned clients such as Bimbo, Gas Natural, Saudi Arabian Airlines or the Chilean Investigation Police, among others. Mario Díaz, Global Sales Director, answer to a series of questions on this ascending topic.

Why is the demand of media management systems growing in sectors that have nothing to do with traditional broadcast?

There has been a revolution in how companies interact with clients. This is due to the huge advances in the availability of Internet around the world, the falling of the costs of connectivity, the development of mobile devices more and more and powerful and cheap and the increasing social media usage. This, inevitably, is affecting the commercialization models of any company and the way they related with employees, customers, institutions, public authorities…

A Brightcove study from 2012, shows that video has 10 times more impact on purchase intention than static information. In 2012, video was already around 51% of all the Internet traffic, numbers that keep increasing every year.

What is VSN’s value proposition for this corporative sector that has media management needs?

Other companies have rushed to cover this new corporate needs, but without looking closely at what these clients demand and thus offering solutions that do not follow what the market needs (for example, focusing on video editing solutions). VSNEXPLORER, on the other hand, and its suite of Media Asset Management (MAM), Production Asset Management (PAM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence (BI), is a unique tool to help corporate companies to correctly manage their audiovisual content and distribute it directly to where its customers are (social media, Internet, etc.).

We have applied all our accumulated experience during more than 20 years operating in the broadcast sector to media asset management in corporate environments, helping companies that are not part of the broadcast industry, but have huge audiovisual content databases to organize and manage.

With 25 years of experience and more than 1000 clients around the world that trust in our solutions to manage the most complicated parts of their daily operation, we are one of the most well-known providers of media management solutions in the industry. Our growing portfolio of corporate clients confirms that fact.

What is the main technological trend right now?

The worldwide trend right now for companies is to migrate their IT services to the Cloud and to Pay per Use models. Migrating to Cloud systems is growing annually in almost every market, thanks to the savings in costs that it allows. From VSN, we have always defended this movement and we are proud to see that the industry is moving forward and adopting it. Our portfolio of solutions is totally oriented and adapted to this reality, being able to answer the needs of the users faster than other solutions from other providers.

What is the future of Media Asset Management technologies?

We have noticed an increasing investment in this type of systems from all kinds of companies. I think that every industry, no matter their core activity, is realizing how important it is to have a solid and robust management system for its content. The irruption of second screens, Video on Demand, the streaming platforms and the changes in the customers, who now want immediate access and from any place to its favourite audiovisual material, brands and products. Digital asset management is a must nowadays, and the capabilities of a MAM system open a new world of possibilities for content distributing and monetizing, increasing its competitiveness in a changing and complex environment.

This change in the business communication model, that seriously affects marketing and commercial management, makes it unavoidable for any company to correctly manage their audiovisual assets. The new leaders of this generation of companies will be those who adopt the necessary technological tools to manage all the content that they have generated over the years, to being able to reach its customers and potential audiences in a more and more saturated and competitive worldwide business panorama.


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