Roberto Pascual reviews VSN’s news before IBC at Amsterdam

Just a few days before the start of IBC at Amsterdam, Roberto Pascual, Global Sales Director of VSN, reviews in this interview the company’s participation at the event (Hall 8, MS16 and MS17, Booth 8.B73). Roberto gives us his thoughts about the news and expectations of VSN for the event and a complete overview of the last year of activity. 

What can we expect from VSN in IBC at Amsterdam?

Roberto Pascual: We’ve been almost three years without having physical events. The last year IBC was close, but finally, it wasn’t possible $1000 loan today . Despite this, this year, we’ve been at several regional and local trade shows, and we returned to NAB 2022 in April. 

This event wasn’t the same as it was before the pandemic, mainly in terms of attendance. However, it was an interesting and very productive show. We had lower attendance, but the quality of the visitors was higher. Visitors came boosted by three years without physical meetings at a tradeshow with many questions and projects. We had many productive meetings and the quality was high, as we confirmed later during these months. We expect the same situation for IBC in Amsterdam. 

Where can we find VSN at IBC in Amsterdam? 

Roberto Pascual: This year, we will be at Hall 8, one of the biggest at the show, together with M&I, another company from Aspire Software in Booth 8.B73. In addition to this classical presence on the floor, we decided to innovate and answer a classical request of our clients for a more private space for meetings, away from the noise and activity of IBC in Amsterdam. 

The solution was to incorporate two VSN’s exclusive meeting rooms, MS16 and MS17, which are close and have easy access from the booth at Hall 8. We hope we can have these more private meetings here and discuss here the delicate issues or aspects of the projects. 

What are the new functionalities that VSN will present at IBC in Amsterdam? 

Roberto Pascual: As always, we will bring new functionalities. However, that doesn’t mean we stopped our activity during the last three years. We continued working on our systems with our Product Release every three months that we shared on our platforms like VSNPlay. Also, we performed many webinars and virtual events like VSN Spotlight, which will return on September 6th. For those who missed that news on our portfolio during the last few months, we will perform a summary at IBC in Amsterdam. 

If we talk about specific issues, we have news in VSNExplorer and VSNCrea, our core products. VSNExplorer incorporates the new Adobe panel, allowing our MAM System to integrate into the Adobe Premiere Pro interface. In addition, VSNExplorer will also present at IBC in Amsterdam its advances in the managing and blocking of specific segments of content within the assets. This aspect is essential in audiovisual rights management. 

On the other hand, VSNCrea presents two new functionalities. First, we’ve implemented in our BMS the metadata rules editor added to VSNExplorer. This update enhances the customization of the system for the users. Secondly, VSNCrea incorporates new monetization capacities through commercial insertions based on graphics and host mentions. 

September marks twelve months since VSN joined Valsoft, how was the activity during this year? 

Roberto Pascual: It was a very intense but productive and successful year. VSN was the first company in Valsoft’s Broadcast & Media vertical. Currently, the group has two more organizations in this sector. Previously, I mentioned one, M&I, a Dutch company that joined the group in May. It’s specialized in the Radio sector but also has news management solutions in its portfolio. The third one to join Valsoft was Woody Technologies in July. This is a French company focused on video ingest workflows. 

Therefore, anyone who visits us at IBC in Amsterdam will be able to discover more information about these companies, as we will perform different presentations and collaborations with them. At the same time, the attendees that will visit them will be able to know more about what we do at VSN. 

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