Raúl Marín, Senior Software Engineer: “Innovation and R&D are VSN’s main business model”

For almost a decade, Mr. Raúl Marín has worked as Software Engineer at VSN, taking part in the development of solutions that have changed the technological panorama of the industry, such as the advanced VSNEXPLORER media management system and its PAM, BPM and BI modules. Mr. Marín is currently involved in the EUMSSI project, financed by the European Commission, in which prestigious international institutions and universities (such as Pompeu Fabra University, the German public channel Deutsche Welle, the Swiss IDIAP Institute or Hannover’s Leibniz University) collaborate to create a new technology for event analysis that will bring a revolution to the journalist’s daily work.

Raúl Marín, Ingeniero de Software

Raúl Marín, Ingeniero de Software

What is the objective of the EUMSSI project and how does it integrate with VSN’s solutions?

EUMSSI’s main objective is to develop a new technology to help understanding events. This technology includes character recognition (OCR) in videos, word transcription from video and audio files and semantic analysis of text. For that, it gathers, identifies and analyzes information from diverse sources: video, images, sound, social media, news, etc., while applying the most innovative analysis method to organize and present it.

As a result, we get some useful information to help the user to understand better the event, as well as to identify people and places mentioned (in text, video and audio), the polarity of each document (if a document is in favor or against the event in question), a chronogram with related news, a map with places related to the event, etc.

We are committed to develop this technology and we preview two integrations with our existing solutions that can change the way journalists work:
– As a contextualization tool for the journalist in the news production workflow of VSNNEWS. When looking for information on an event, the EUMSSI project will provide the user with documents related to the event, allowing for a deep understanding of what is going on.
– As a tool integrated with VSNEXPLORER for the automatic metadata registration.

What is the current state of the project?

EUMSSI is a three-year project that started in Novembre 2013 and that will last until November 2016. The moment in which we are now is very interesting, because we are about to present the first functional prototype that will help us show all the potential of EUMSSI. From this moment on, until the end of the project, we will enter in a phase of constant improvement of the prototype to solve problems and add new features. Integration with our products won’t start until mid-2016.

In the upcoming IBC 2015 you will show everything that this project can achieve. Can you tell us something about it?

We will take the chance at IBC 2015 to show the current state of the prototype. We will explain what companies, institutes and universities are involved with this project and with the technologies it aims to develop, to show all the possibilities that our clients and the research and development environment can enjoy with EUMSSI. The demonstration will take place in our stand at IBC (7.D25) on September 15 at 12:00.

Of course, all the companies in the sector are invited to discover EUMSSI and everything that it can achieve, but we would also like to receive visits from the academic sector with common interests, to develop synergies to help us in improving the project. We want to carefully listen to the rest of the agents in this project and, moreover, to the final users.

What can you tell us about VSN’s compromise with I+D?

VSN has always seen innovation and advanced R&D as its main business model. The globalized world we live in does not leave other option, you have to innovate if you want to be successful, and in our case from the very creation of the company we inscribed in our DNA that constant innovation and development would be our more defining characteristic.

That is why we are involved in several projects with universities and research institutes around Europe, that help us be ready for the new technologies and methods that appear each day. We have also recently adapted our processes to follow the UNE:166:002 rule for R&D management, guaranteeing that all the talent is ready to create new products and keep improving the ones we already have.

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