VSN welcomes its new members!

As we covered in previous blog articles, VSN is growing fast, and we want to incorporate new faces into our team. Today, we have the pleasure of announcing two new members of our family and welcoming them to the VSN Team: Davinia Antón and Cintia Cortés. If you want to join a growing technology company with a commercial presence in the five continents, like them, don’t hesitate to check our job openings and come on board!


Davinia Antón, our new Project Manager

Davinia Antón joined VSN as Project Manager in December. The company needed a profile with a passion for new technologies and a consolidated background in the Broadcast & Media industry for such a relevant position. Requirements that fitted Davinia, as she explained to us: “I always worked in companies related to Broadcast and Digital environments and I love everything about the audiovisual world and new technologies.

The first steps in a company always require an adaptation period, in which the support of your team colleagues is crucial. “The welcome from all my partners has been incredible,” commented Davinia. In fact, the excellent work atmosphere of VSN and the exciting challenges ahead for the company pushed her to join the company: “During the interviews, I was attracted by the projects that VSN is developing, the possibility of joining a company that is constantly growing and the willingness of the people from the team.”

At VSN, the skills of our professionals are what we value the most; that is why we don’t care about where they are working from. Davinia is a good example; she lives in Madrid and thanks to the remote work policy, she could join the company without moving next to our headquarters in Terrassa. During these first days, Davinia built her office at home with the company’s support: “VSN provided me with all the necessary tools to work from home. Apart from that, I was pretty happy with some corporate gifts, that was a nice detail”, she stated.

The first days of a new job always come with excitement and a lot of information to process. Davinia is currently on her onboarding process, working with all the necessary data of VSN’s projects. On these first steps, she has all the support from her department colleagues: “The first week was really intense. I had to deal with a lot of information and documents to catch up and I’m still on it, but the support and follow up from the team was really helpful”.

Cintia Cortés, our new incorporation for our Administration team

Cintia Cortés was looking for a new place to develop her career as an administrator. Still, she wanted to pick the right company to grow: “I was looking for a place where I could learn and evolve and, at the same time, have contact with clients and a multicultural team. VSN gave me that opportunity”, she said just a few days after her incorporation to the company.

On her first steps, Cintia discovered how teamwork is key at VSN, as she was also dealing with a lot of information: “The first day was a little bit overwhelming with all the new data, but everybody was open and able to answer my questions and make my work much easier. I want to thank them all for their patience on my first days”.

Along with the classic huge workload of the first days, Cintia experimented a new reality for her, remote working: “I’ve never worked from home before and the first day was like an adventure. I had all the necessary tools and the communication with my teammates was effortless” confessed Cintia as she stated some of the advantages of this work policy: “The way to organize yourself is completely different if you work from home. I don’t have to travel to the office and therefore, I have more time to do other things after work”.

If you’re searching for a new professional challenge in the technological industry, looking for a flexible remote working policy and you want to experience an international environment like Cintia and Davinia, do not hesitate to check our job opportunities and send us your CV. We are willing to write your success story!

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