VSN and Ross Video join forces to offer the most advanced news solution

Two specialists from the North American company have completed a fully-featured training program to show VSN’s engineering team everything that the advanced use of Inception and XPression can achieve in news environments. Both companies have also developed the multiple applications and features that the integration of these solutions with VSN’s technology offers to the Broadcast and Media&Entertainment industries.

Jenn Jarvis, Inception Demonstration Artist and Trainer, and Garner Millward, XPression Product Specialist, travelled to Barcelona in order to impart the training course at VSN’s headquarters, where they carried out a complete formation program on Ross Video’s products and developed the multiple applications that its technology can enhance in collaboration with VSN’s solutions.

Ross Video’s specialists also attended a real onsite installation with VSN, where they were able to know first-hand about the company’s quality standards, the benefits of the integration of VSN and Ross’ systems and the complete and personal attention offered to the final user by VSN’s engineers.

You can have a look at Ross Video’s great range of products at their corporate Website.

To find out more about VSN’s News solutions and tools for NRCS, go to our VSNNEWS page.


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