VSN shows VSNEXPLORER BPM’s features in an online webinar

Under the title “Optimize your workflows with a BPM system”, VSN has organized a fully-featured webinar to explain its attendants everything that a Business Process Management (BPM) system can achieve and how audiovisual companies can increase their productivity and efficiency by using the resources of this technology that are included in VSNEXPLORER BPM.

bpm webinar

Business Process Management Software

A Business Process Management (BPM) system increases the staff’s productivity, helps to detect and manage bottlenecks, orchestrates and automates processes and improves the integration of different systems and departments. Thanks to this software, audiovisual companies gain simplicity and efficiency, focusing on getting their operation close to the business.

VSNEXPLORER BPM is VSN’s solution in this field, designed to offer all the necessary tools for business process management on any company or group of companies. With advanced features to have full control over workflows and actions, task assignment to users depending on the daily needs, total flexibility for being adapted and integrated with any system, VSNEXPLORER BPM helps companies to increase productivity from the very first day.

VSN´s BPM webinar was conducted by Toni Vilalta, Product Manager, from the company’s headquarters in Barcelona. Assistants had the chance, at the end of the event, to ask questions and solve their doubts.

“Optimize your workflows with a BPM system” is now available to watch online at our complete Videos section.

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