VSNNEWS for 8TV’s digital newsroom installed by Unitecnic in record time

The new and challenging project of Catalonia’s private broadcaster was awarded to Unitecnic who equipped it with VSN solutions. The show ‘8 al día’ is the big bet of the channel for this season. All the different workflows required for the project have been customized thanks to VSN’s workflow manager, included in the new Spider platform.

8TV, Catalonia’s private regional broadcaster, with headquarters near Barcelona and part of the well-known multimedia and press group Godó, released its new 3-hour live show ‘8 al día’; a combination of news bulletin and magazine in prime time and conducted by the popular Josep Cuní. Unitecnic carried out the integration of the new digital newsroom for the show with VSN solutions.

The new newsroom includes 24 workstations, 16 of these devoted to editing staff, and it is ready to simultaneously receive news from six news agencies (AFP, Reuters, Europa Press, EFE, Atlas and ACN) plus additional external feeds via FTP like BarçaTV and six ENG’s of the channel. The workflow is very dynamic as the news from each agency are received, transcoded and stored in VSN’s central MAM system. All metadata included by the news agencies are filtered and formatted by VSNWIRES. Thus, all journalists receive the news in real time. The workflows required for the project have been customized thanks to VSN’s Workflow Manager, which is included in the new Spider platform generating a fully automated production operative in 8TV.

All editors have access to the same News playlist through VSNNEWS and can access the same Archive and MAM system by using VSNARCHIVE. The journalists can modify the prompter information as well as the content of the graphic templates through VSNCG+ from their own workplace. Also, they can export selected news to their Web site from the rundown with a single click. This action automatically generates a MP4 file along with an XML file that gets automatically added to BrightCove’s current Web solution. The VSNWEBNEWS and VSNWEBCUTTER facilitate the remote access of news writers and editing staff.

The agnostic features of the VSN platform also make possible the multiplatform integration of 3 FCP7 editing systems and 13 Edius6 GV stations. Thus, 8TV becomes one of the first Spanish channels operating under the new VSN’s Spider platform.