Protection for your investment

News production environments constantly demand quality content in very little time, in order to reach the audience first. This specific need makes it essential to own a system that simplifies operation and gives directors, journalists and producers the security that technology will be on their side when on air. To succeed, the investment made cannot be in danger and assets must be adequately monetized.

Control your news production workflow

We are experts in empowering live video environments. VSN’s solutions allow for deploying a complete system covering the full workflow for live events production, news production and automated live broadcasting. They cover all the necessary steps in an easy and uniform environment, including planning and rundown creation, resources management, text processing, video ingest, live logging, etc.

VSN’s News Production solution covers the whole newsroom workflow in an easy and uniform environment

VSNNEWS: MOS compatible & story-centric Newsroom Computer System


VSNExplorer plugin for NRCS is a MOS Media Bus 100% developed in HTML5 that allows users to have all the necessary tools for news production in one single workspace.

VSNLIVECOM: Simple, reliable and flexible Studio Playout system


Our studio playout controls up to 16 video server channels, it’s MOS compatible and fully integrated with VSNNEWS and other third party NRCS systems, like Avid iNews or ENPS, amongst others.

VSNLIVELOGGER: Sports Production software for fast cataloguing


Fast cataloguing of media in sports production and other live events. It allows the operator to quickly add timecode referenced metadata to a video file while it is being ingested, amongst other functionalities.

Ingest Modules: High reliability for Live and VTR feeds video ingest, and news wires reception

Ingest Modules

VSNAUTOREC is VSN’s video ingest solution, which guarantees reliable content ingest from any available source. In addition, with the VSNWIRES software module journalists can receive all the text and video agency feeds in real time.

VSNNEWS TERMINAL: news production system, the journalist tool

VSNExplorer plugin for NRCS: The next generation of News Production

VSNExplorer plugin for NRCS is a new add-on feature to the VSNExplorer solution for Media and Business Process management, that allows journalists to experience the next generation of news production.

  • Developed in HTML5, this plugin is compatible with the most NRCS systems available in the market (including Octopus 8, Inception from Ross Video, iNews from Avid, ENPS from AP News and others), as well as with the majority of CG systems via MOS protocol.
  • Its main goal is to provide journalists and editors with a single workspace to develop all the News Production tasks, from news writing, to video editing and delivery to any Studio Playout solution. In essence, this web plugin enables the user to edit and unify video files and graphics over the video, and then drag and drop the final piece into the news item, including the possibility of re-editing it afterwards.

Simple, reliable and flexible studio playout

VSNLIVECOM is a studio playout system based on VSNMULTICOM´s engine, VSN´s MCR automation solution with over 20 years of presence in the market. It controls up to 16 video server channels (4 in A/B/C/D rundown, 4 auxiliar channels and their redundancies). It is MOS compatible and is integrated with VSN´s journalists tool, VSNNEWS, as well as with third party NRCS systems, like Octopus, Avid iNews or ENPS, amongst others.

  • A/B/C/D rundown for news and live program broadcasting
  • Compatible with third-party video servers (VDCP)
  • Totally customizable user interface
  • Integration with NRCS via MOS (Octopus, Avid iNews, ENPS, etc.)
  • Redundant list and network video server configurations available
VSNLIVECOM: Studio playout automation for live production and newcast
VSNLIVELOGGER: Sports production software module for fast cataloguing

VSNLIVELOGGER: The Sports Production software module for fast cataloguing

VSNLIVELOGGER is a software module for the fast cataloguing of media in sport and other live events. It allows the operator to quickly add timecode referenced metadata to a video file while it is being ingested. It is ideal for sports production. Through metadata templates with the names of the players of each team and the most typical actions, catalogers identify the best plays, which can be sent to broadcast immediately as well as to be archived.

  • Associate metadata to a TC in live events
  • Add marks and subclips with the best plays
  • Speed and comfort for cataloguing by using touch screens
  • Video server control for VDCP ingest and play-out

The safest way to ingest content

VSNAUTOREC, VSN’s ingest solution, guarantees reliable content ingest from any available source: video router lines (External Feeds), VTR’s or files. The correct functioning of the content ingest system is crucial to be the first in delivering the news, and that is why we have made VSNAUTOREC the most solid and stable solution available in the market.

Also, VSNEXPLORER, our MAM, PAM & BPM solution, integrates a newswire reception module, VSNWIRES, that allows the journalists to receive all the text and video agency feeds in real time, in an orderly fashion and classified by categories and to start working with them immediately.

VSNAUTOREC and VSNWIRES: reliable content ingest from any source


We are very pleased with the solution provided by VSN. It totally covers our entire workflow and content management needs, it is easy to use, its integration with our systems has been perfect and the users have learned to use it in a very short period of time. Plus, the attention and support that VSN's office in Dubai has shown for us and our project has been excellent.

Laith Fraihat

Technical Director, Roya TV

VSN’s systems allow us to control the news workflow and channel automation. It ensures that we can manage all the media cycle workflows, something that at the end of the day makes our work easier, faster and more productive. Its Support Service is quick, efficient and ready-to-respond. We have never felt alone on air, and the answer time of its engineers is unbeatable.

Matindra Pradhan

Executive Engineer, Kantipur TV

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