Enhanced TV Automation and MCR tool

MCR Automation is one of the most critical parts of a TV channel. When choosing a solution, it’s necessary to make sure it is reliable, solid, capable of controlling all necessary devices, robust and safe. VSNMULTICOM, which has been in the market for over 20 years and has earned hundreds of references around the world, guarantees 24/7 seamless broadcast in single channel environments and big playout centers alike. TV automation at its best with VSN.

VSNMULTICOM: adaptation and control

VSNMULTICOM is VSN’s totally reliable playout TV automation software for 24/7 broadcasting. Multi Channel or single channel architecture with various redundancy levels. No single point of failure. Wide range of controlled devices and systems. Bidirectional integration with multiple traffic systems for importing playlists and generating the as-run-log. Integration with MAM and PAM systems for automatically copying content to the playout video servers.

VSNMULTICOM: get the maximum Return on Investment from your TV Automation system


Playout software and continuity system


VSNMULTICOM guarantees 24/7 seamless broadcast air system in single channel environments and big play-out centers alike. The wide range of devices that it controls, as well as its capacity to integrate with many other hardware and software modules, it makes VSNMulticom, a powerful system for tv automation.

  • Total 24x7 Playout reliability
  • Several redundancy levels
  • VDCP Video Servers control
  • MAM and PAM integration
VSNMULTICOM MCR Playout Automation

The complete continuity suite that will leverage the way you work

VSNCREA TV: TV Planning and programming software module


VSNCREATV is a software module for planning and managing TV Automation. It allows to manage the workflows for advertising, production and broadcast departments to automate the broadcast planning (from general simulations for all the season, to programming and schedules for a particular week or day).

VSNBROADREC: Ingest and media recording software


VSNBROADREC is a highly reliable multi-channel ingest server system that allows for continuous uninterrupted recording of video or audio sources. It can perform continuous (24/7) or scheduled recordings from any source: analog or SDI (SD-HD signals), Transport Stream, etc. Depending on the source signal it can reach up to 15 CH per server in 2U.

VSNWEB TV: the second screens automation tool


VSNWEB TV is a set of automation tools that help TV channels launch their own online channel, optimizing technical and human resources in the most intelligent way possible in a reliable and secure environment, reducing the need to hire new staff to get the job done and getting the best results in second screens environments.

Reliable & modular INGEST, INTEGRATED PLAYOUT and GRAPHICS system for TV broadcasting


Reliable and modular ingest, integrated playout and graphics for TV broadcasting. The Channel-In-A-Box technology reduces the many parts of the traditional playout system and master control (graphics, servers and switches, routing, audio, channel branding) into a single integrated software application that operates on a generic IT-based hardware.

VSN has been the only provider able to face the complex requisites of the project, guaranteeing a complete integration of the different systems involved while maintaining the robustness and reliability of the technical deployment at a reasonable cost. We are very satisfied with VSN and we know that we took the right decision by trusting in them.

César Tulio Ossa

Centro Ático - Director, Universidad Pontificia Javeriana

I was looking for a complete solution for a TV station, and I chose VSN because it covers everything that I need on a TV channel: it´s an End-to-End solution, from ingest or playout to news and MAM… and everything is working perfectly. VSN put a lot of energy in our project, and I hope that in the future we will develop many new projects together.

Zsolt Orbán

Broadcast IT System Engineer, Somos Broadcast Media ZRT

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