VSN Wired: Spotlight. Discover all VSN’s news in less than an hour

The Broadcast, Media and Entertainment software company VSN has announced a new edition of its virtual event, VSN Wired: Spotlight, where the company will present all its latest news. The event will take place on September 21st, with sessions in English at 09:30 GMT and 18:00 GMT and in Spanish at 16:30 GMT.

Media solutions, real use cases, interviews… And a lot more!

In a 2021 in which virtual events have filled the agendas again and on the eve of the return of the big on-site venues of the industry, VSN presents its media solution news and exclusive services in a dynamic digital event to connect with its worldwide audience in less than an hour.

After the good response to the premiere of VSN Wired: Spotlight in April, the company relies once again on this outlined, virtual and dynamic keynote event. From anywhere in the world, assistants will discover the latest media solutions, product and company news, accompanied by short demos, interviews and use cases.

In particular, VSN will present for the first time the recent features of its Media Preservation Solution, with new interfaces, dashboards and widgets for VSNExplorer suite. In addition, the company will show a use case of content segmentation using Artificial Intelligence.

Following the improvements added to VSNExplorer, the assistants may also discover the Media Exchange solution latest news. For this case, the company will present the renewal of the content hub VSNExplorer Exchange, with advances in transfer automation, the management of exchange points and the control and monitorization of media transfers.

Moreover, the recent updates of the Media Planning solution will be introduced for the first time as well, with a special focus on its core system, VSN Crea. This evolution includes improvements in management, control and assignment of ad rates and new features for planning and publishing content in non-linear platforms.

VSN’s technology reaches everywhere

In addition, the company will present its latest news in terms of contracting and deployment models, with special emphasis on its Cloud and SaaS offerings. All of this with one goal: adaptation to the needs of its customers and allowing an improved expense control.

“At VSN we’ve been working without rest in the development and improvement of our solutions and business models. We are aware that under these special circumstances our partners and customers will continue to demand the highest standards in terms of quality and flexibility”, commented Aaron López, VSN’s COO. “With this in mind, we are pleased to show a piece of this effort on this event, that is just a small part of our team’s work. All with one aim, our customers’ satisfaction”.

As a company focused on software and technology and a growing international presence, online initiatives and presence are one of the key elements of  VSN’s daily activity. Given the excellent feedback and appreciation received from customers and industry professionals alike, the company will continue to develop its digital resources. VSN Wired: Spotlight is a good example of them, along with the VoD platform VSN Play, the public resources available on the website -with multiple real use cases, white papers and webinars- or its exclusive newsletter.

Free registration to VSNWired: Spotlight for any of the sessions on September 21st (English: 09:30 and 18:00 GMT, Spanish: 16:30 GMT) is now available through our News & Events page.

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